Hold an Outdoor Water Party to Bring Out Your Inner Kid

Depositphotos_7599848_xs Everybody looks forward to a summer water party, no matter their age. Tapping into your inner child, whether children are there or not, is just plain fun. Make your next get-together an outdoor water party, complete with a water-themed DIY photo booth, water games, a Slip 'n Slide and old school sprinklers to run through—pure American bliss.

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DIY Photo Booth

How many people have you fit into a photo booth at one time? Five is my max, and your could only see portions of our faces. Whether at an arcade, a carnival or a wedding, sitting snuggly together with our best friends/boyfriend in that little curtained cube always brings a smile to our faces. Take your party to the next level by creating a DIY photo booth complete with props in your garden or pool area. Getting silly in front of the camera puts people in a great mood and the photos make an ideal parting gift.
  • Download the Hipstamatic Incredibooth app on your iPad/iPhone
  • Make a back drop with some PVC piping and a shower curtain back drop (this is a water party, after all)
  • Provide some fun floaties, swim masks, scuba gear, fishing pole, floppy hats and plastic leis for guests to wear in the pictures
Photo by Flickr user Sam Howzit

Water Balloon Dodge Ball

You need:
  • Water balloons (or wet sponges)
  • Two plastic tubs
Divide friends into two teams and stand on opposite sides of a line. Each team has a tub filled with water balloons. Take turns throwing the balloons at members of the opposite teams. If you get hit, you're out of the game. Last person standing's team wins. 250 water balloons Photo by Flickr user Dave Matos

Don't Get Wet!

Set up fun sprinklers randomly between a start and finish line. Each person will try to run through without getting wet. There's a catch... someone is at the faucet, turning it on and off randomly. Sprinkler Fun Photo by Flickr user Dawn

Water Limbo

  • Set up a water hose somewhere soft and grassy
  • Turn on the limbo party music
  • Have everyone get into a line (ready for limbo)
  • One adult will stand and hold the hose horizontal to the ground for guests to limbo underneath the spream of water
  • The stream of water will get lower and lower as the guests filter through the line
shoot it Photo by Flickr user Michael McCauslin

Slip and Slide

If you can't get to the store to get an actual Slip 'n Slide Hydroplane (the Double Wave Rider is fun—two people get to slide down side by side), make your own:
  • Create your slide by slicing 3-4 large plastic trash bags down the middle and tape securely together
  • Hose slide down so it's very wet and keep running water down it as guest take the plunge.

In the Pool

There are a variety of pool games to play:
  • Floating table tennis
  • Volleyball
  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Marco Polo
If you don't have an in-ground pool, above-ground pools are a good way to keep the party. They can be large enough to play sports or small enough to keep it chill. Plus you can pack it up and put it away after the party or when fall arrives. Decorate with party lanterns and tikis; leave water guns and floppy hats around for guests to pick up and use; serve summer cocktails and cool watermelon snacks. For other water party decals and decorations, add some MyGrafico printables.
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