Town Buildings Black Outline Clipart

by Melissa Held Designs

A collection of black outline town buildings clipart by Melissa Held Designs. This includes a post office, fire house, police station, school, shops, houses, hospital, cafe, library, and school bus.  Create your own coloring book or teacher resources with these illustrations.  This includes 16 PNG files on transparent backgrounds.




ambulance, architecture, boutique, mail box, buildings, bus, cafe, chimney,table, community, doors, emergency, fashioned, fire, flowers,apartment, food, fountain, glass, grocery, home,neighborhood, hospital, house, hydrant, illustrations, icons, lamp, library, mail, market, office, old, police, post, residence, restaurant, roof, shingles, room, school, shutters, sign, station, elements, storefront, shopping, stores, street, town, umbrella, window, clipart, black outline, village,

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