ABR Photoshop Brushes and PNG Paint Swatches

by Studio Julie Ann

I started with India Ink, and hand Painted the graphics, to come up with these unique designs. Then scanned and cleaned up in Illustrator, and used the Vector graphics to create the PNG files and Photoshop ABR brushes.

- 22 individual Black Paint Swipes in PNG format with transparent background at high resolution 300dpi (easily recolored in graphics program)
- 22 Photoshop ABR Brushes
- Brushes were created in Photoshop CS6 and sized at 2000px by 500px -or- 2000px by 250px at widest/tallest parts

You must have the proper software and understanding to unzip and use the designs.


License Information:
* Licensing allows up to 500 uses.
Commerical Credit Required: You must give credit to Studio Julie Ann wherever you display your product. Crediting should be as same as displayed here: Graphics by Studio Julie Ann at Mygrafico.
Commercial No Credit Needed: You must purchase the extra fee License and credit is not needed.
Personal Use/Non-Profit: This is for all personal or non profit use. Credit not required, but appreciated.

Please read my terms of use for further information.

Usage NOT Allowed:
* Cannot be used as is. Must be incorporated with other design elements and not more than 50% of new design.
* You may not share, copy, distribute as freebies or digital file share.
* Cannot be used for Logo Design.
* No blank templates, or blank tangible items for your customer to personalize. MUST be personalized prior
to shipment/delivery.
* Cannot be sold on Print on Demand sites such as Cafe Press, Zazzle, Card Gnome, Spoonflower (fabric) etc..,
for Small Commercial Use (for Profit). Personal Use is OK.
* Cannot be sold as Vector graphics in any format. Such as: .ai, .eps, .ait, .svg etc.
* No digital stamps, rubber stamps, digital cutting files such as GSD, SVG, digital brush making or
Photoshop templates.
* Embedded Copyright information cannot be removed.
* No Pornographic, Hateful, Vial or Distateful uses.

Set: SJA146_Ink-Swatches-2

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