Boys & Girls Dinosaur Clipart & Paper Set

by Tickled Pink Design Studio
Boys & Girls Dinosaur Clipart & Paper Set Includes: 22 clipart images in png & jpg format. It has 5 boy dinosaurs, 5 girl dinosaurs, a Tree, a Sun, 1 boy baby hatching egg, 1 girl baby hatching egg, 1 boy egg, 1 girl egg and 3 each of boy and girl foot prints. You also will get 8 papers - 4 to match the boys set and 4 to match the girls set. This set is HUGE!!!!! One price for both sets ;) Like you are buying one and getting one free! This set could be used for birthday parties, scrapbooking, baby shower printables and so much more!
This set is Exclusive to Mygrafico.
300dpi JPEG files for clipart & digital papers.
300dpi transparent PNG files for clipart images.
PDF File - one with clipart images only - not papers.
EPS File One For Clipart - not papers - AI 10 compatible
Please note I create all my images in corelDRAW - the EPS File I save to be used in AI can read some of the design elements differently.
Gray background is not included in the set.
License Information:
-Commercial Credit Required: You must give credit to designer wherever you display your product. Crediting should be as same as displayed here: Graphics by Tickled Pink Design Studio at Mygrafico.
-Commercial Use No Credit Needed: Please purchase the commercial license (extra fee) and credit will not be needed.
-Non-Profit Use: PERSONAL and NON profit use. Credit required.
Please read the terms of use for further information
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