Commercial Use License - Gina Jane

by Gina Jane

If you already purchased any Gina Jane products and would like to add the commercial (no credit) license option, you can purchase it here.

Please enter the quantity needed for each set you wish to use commercially.

Upon checkout, please enter the product's name that you are licensing for into the customer comments section

Purchasing this license allows the end user to sell commercial ( for profit ), finished, flattened, paper products only in a limited quantity.

  • The maximum use under this license is 1000 pieces sold at retail or wholesale.
  • This license fee, $20.00 per product, is required in order to sell any finished, flattened product if you do not want to give credit.
  • Save a copy of you purchase receipt for your records. No documents will be sent to you.

The artist Gina Jane, does not offer a mass commercial use license through online sales at My

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