Counting Numbers Playdough Mat

by Blackleaf Design

Counting Numbers Playdough or Pom Pom Cards are a fun set and a great teaching tool for children for primary education.

Use them creatively to adorn your baby's nursery walls as framed art or make them into adorable gift packs.

Print, Cut and Laminate the cards - Bind them with a simple key ring or even adhere to magnets to use them on the refrigerator !

This set comprises of 10 cards to count with.

Size: Each card is 4 inches x 6 inches in size.

Formats: Printable PDF and High Resolution 300dpi JPG files.

License Information:

Commercial credit required: You must give credit to designer with a clickable link wherever you display your product.

Crediting should be as same as displayed here: Graphics by Blackleaf Studios at Mygrafico

Commercial no credit needed: You must purchase the extra fee for this use and credit is not needed.

Non-Profit: This is for all personal or non profit use. Credit not required.

Please read the Blackleaf Design terms of usage for further information.

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