Birds Clipart

by Melissa Held Designs

A huge clipart collection of all kinds of colorful bird illustrations including tropical parrots, toucan. robin, bluejay, hen, chick, hummingbirds, duck, cardinal, pheasant, and seagull by Melissa held Designs.  These whimsical drawings can be used to create all sorts of fun art projects for home and school. Use owls for woodland themes, toucans and parrots for jungle theme, robins for spring and Easter, chicks and rooster for farm themes, etc.  You can create scrapbook elements, gift tags, and party decorations.  The possibilities for use are endless!  You will receive 25 PNG files on transparent backgrounds. 

animals, baby, bird, birds, blue, bluebird, cardinal, chick, chicken, cute, duck, finch, gull, hen, hummingbird, jay, nature, parakeet, parrot, pheasant, red, robin, seagull, sparrow, swan, toucan, tropical, wildlife, whimsical, clipart, farm, jungle, rainforest, woodland, 

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