Cupid Clip-art Image

by Tickled Pink Design Studio

Cupid Clip-art single $1.00 image. You will get this one super cute cupid image in JPG & PNG formats. This would be ADORABLE to use for Valentine's Day Decorations and cards.

300dpi JPEG file
300dpi transparent PNG file
License Information:
-Commercial Credit Required: You must give credit to designer wherever you display your product. Crediting should be as same as displayed here: Graphics by Tickled Pink Design Studio at Mygrafico
-Commercial Use No Credit Needed: Please purchase the commercial license (extra fee) and credit will not be needed.
-Non-Profit Use: PERSONAL and NON profit use. Credit required.
Background and drop shadow not included.
Keywords: Valentine's Day, Heart, Bow and Arrow, Arrow, Cupid, Wings, Love, Valentine's, Valentine, Clipart, Clip-art, Clip Art, PNG, JPG, Scrapbooking, Tickled Pink Design Studio

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