Flamingo Clipart

by Zenware Designs

Flamingo clipart for a super fun party! This set includes pink flamingo clipart, girl flamingo clipart, and more. These cute little flamingo illustrations are just what you needed for the perfect party favor & invitation creations. Precious graphics for the tote bags and monogramming! The simple lines are great for embroidery as well!

	300dpi transparent PNG files, 300 dpi JPEG files
	License Information:
	Commercial Credit Required: 
        You must give credit to designer wherever you display your product.
        Crediting should be as same as displayed here: Graphics by Zenware Designs at MyGrafico.com.

	Commercial Use No Credit Required:
        Please purchase commercial license to use this item for profit and resale, and you do not need to credit. 
        This is not for commercial use. Please contact us via email regarding mass commercial use.

	Non Profit Use:
        PERSONAL and NON profit use. Credit required. License is non-transferable. Please read my terms of use for further information. 
        No reselling or sharing allowed.

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