Grungey Halloween Frames

by Cupcake Cutiees

Description 8 Halloween Grunge Overlay Photographer Frames

These are 4 X 6 in size. Just drop over your Photos and print. They are stunning when printed!! Add some wow and pizzaz to all your holiday photos. These also work great for auction photos.

Format 8 transparent PNG files created at 300 dpi. No drop shadows. Drops shadows used for display purpose. Original Designs by Cupcake Cutiees.

License Commercial and Personal Use. Commercial use included, no further credit needed. May not be used in any clipart collections, digital sheets or freebies. May be sold in a digital cards, as long as it is sold in JPEG format on a non white background.

keywords: commercial use, CU, frames, photographer overlays, designer frames, holiday frames, halloween frames, grungey, designer boutique frames,,

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