Happy Boo Day Clipart Set

by Pink Graphic Design

Exclusively sold at MyGrafico. Happy Boo Day Clipart Set. This cute clipart set includes: All of the images shown. The bat, pumpkin, Candy Corn, Spider, Frames and Text Graphic. This clipart set is perfect for creating your own brag book, record book, scrapbook, stationery, homemade Easter cards, thank you cards, crafts and decorations.

The graphics are clean and crisp. Upon purchase you will receive an EPS (editable with Illustrator, Corel Draw and Freehand), 300dpi JPEG files, and 300dpi transparent PNG files.
License Information:
Commercial Credit Required: You must give credit to designer wherever you display your product. Crediting should be as same as displayed here: Graphics by Pink Design at MyGrafico
Commercial Use No Credit Needed: Please purchase commercial license to use this item (see terms & conditions) for profit, and you do not need to Credit. This is NOT for mass commercial usage.
Non-Profit Use: PERSONAL and NON profit use. Credit required.

Please read my terms of use for further information.

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