Jungle Animals Digital Stamps

by Melissa Held Designs

This is a fun set of jungle animals digital stamp clipart by Melissa Held Designs.  You can use these cute drawings to create patterns for embroidery projects, as easy to print teaching resources, to create your own coloring books, paper crafts, and scrapbooking.  This includes a wide variety of whimsical illustrations of jungle animals and plants including zebra, giraffe, monkey hanging from a branch, alligator toucan, parrot on a branch, elephant, hippo, snake, lion, palm tree, and sun. These images have a black outline with transparent fill and also have transparent backgrounds.  There are 12 PNG stamps included in this set.

zoo, safari, jungle, giraffe, zebra, elephant, hippo, hippopotamus, monkey, chimp, ape, alligator, crocodile, palm tree, tropical, coconut, sun, lion, snake, parrot, bird, toucan, cute, whimsical, clipart, Melissa Held Designs, stamps, outline, black line,  graphic, design, print, clipart, animals, wild, exotic, 


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