Learning the Alphabet - BUNDLE Clipart N thru Z by Poppydreamz

by Poppydreamz

Learning the Alphabet - BUNDLE!

PLEASE NOTE*. Retail price if you purchase the individual sets in this bundle at $3.00 each totals $39. But if you purchase the bundle, you will save 35% because you only pay $25! Be sure to check out my other bundle for the other half of the alphabet!


Each image comes in full color 300 dpi, png format with transparent background.

N: needle, nest, net, notebook, notes, numbers, nuts
O: oars, octopus, olives, onion, ostrich, owl, oyster
P: palm tree, pancakes, pencil, penguin, pig, pizza, pot
Q: q-tip, quail, quarter, queen, question mark, quilt, quiver
R: rake, recycle, ring, robot, rocket, rooster, rose
S: sandwich, Santa, scarecrow, snail, snake, sun, sword
T: taco, train, trash, tree, truck, turkey, turtle
U: umbrella, unicorn, unicycle, up arrow, umpire, utensils and United States
V: violin, vase, vampire, van, vest, volcano, vacuum
W: waffle, watch, watermelon, well, whale, windmill, witch
X: x-ray, x-box, X-mas tree, xylophone, fox, box, six
Y: yak, yellow, yarn, yawn, yolk, yo-yo, yacht
Z: zebra, zig zag, zipper, zombie, zero, zodiac, zip code

************* Please Note: Letters A thru M are included in a separate bundle for file-size sake!

Awesome for adding fun touches to worksheets, posters, games and so much more!

Colors match perfectly with sets from my Class and Teaching Series.

Clipart comes in 1 formats: PNG (300dpi, with transparent background). Each file is an individual image.

Watermarks will not appear on your downloaded files.

Commercial Credit Required: You must give credit to Poppydreamz Digital Art with a clickable link wherever you display your product.
Crediting should be as same as displayed here: Graphics by Poppydreamz Digital Art at Mygrafico
Commercial No Credit Needed: You must purchase the extra fee for this use and credit is not needed.
Non-Profit: This is for all personal or non profit use. Credit not required, but appreciated.

Please read my terms of use for further information.

Copyright remains with Poppydreamz Digital Art

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