Lovely Faces Bottlecap Circles Printable

by Revidevi

Lovely Faces Bottlecap Circles Printable in 1x1 inch circles. Great for Valentine's day, girls and boys with heart accents are used. These cute images are perfect for any craft projects such as bottle cap pendants, badge pin buttons, glass pebble magnets, small cupcake toppers, stickers, baby shower party labels, etc.

Format File: JPG (high resolution, 300 dpi)

Circle size: 1,1 inch (great for small craft puncher), and 1x1 inch

Sheet size: US Letter (8,5 x 11 inch)

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License Information:
Commerical Credit Required: You must give credit to REVIDEVI wherever you display your product. Crediting should be as same as displayed here: Graphics by REVIDEVI at Mygrafico
Commercial No Credit Needed: You must purchase the extra fee for this use and credit is not needed.
Non-Profit: This is for all personal or non profit use. Credit not required, but appreciated.

Note: images may not be resold as is.

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