Mad Scientist Clipart

by Little Apples Design

This Mad Scientist clipart comes in a girl scientist clipart, a boy scientist clipart, test tubes with a rack clipart, three individual test tubes clipart, a magnifying glass clipart, a bunsen burner clipart, DNA molecules clipart and various of laboratory glassware clipart. This clipart is perfect for Mad Scientist themed birthday parties, other Chemistry related projects or any creative of your crafts including invitation, paper products, stickers, web designs, embroideries and many other!

Files format you will receive:

14 PNG 300dpi

14 JPG 300dpi

Approx. 6 inches each

License Information:

1. Commercial Credit Required: You must give credit to Little Apples Design wherever you display your product.
Crediting should be as same as displayed here: Graphics by Little Apples Design at Mygrafico

2. Commercial Use No Credit Needed: Please purchase commercial license to use this item for profit and resale and you do not need to credit.

3. Non-Profit Use: All personal and non-profit use is accepted, credit to Little Apples Design

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