My Coupon Binder Printable Set

by Tickled Pink Design Studio

My Coupon Binder Printable Set Includes: 28 PDF's in all. You will get them for the following sections: Produce, Meat / Seafood, Dairy, Frozen Foods, Breads / Pasta, Canned Foods, Breakfast, Snacks, Baking / Condiments, Beverages, Paper / Plastic, Cleaning Products, Toiletries, Pets, Misc. & a blank page to fill in any sections we may have missed or that you would like to call something else. You also will get a catagory sheet for them that you can put in the front to help you find the pages easier. I did not include page numbers on my set just in case you want to put them in a different order. Also in the set you will get sections for Coupon Policies, Store Ads, Store Coupons / Rain Checks, Contact Info & Receipts. I also made sheets you can print out to write your grocery list on. Another awesome printable I included is something that has been kind of popular on my blog it is the Price Match Sheet. What you do is you write the item you find on sale in an ad under item, then you put the store ad it was in, then you put the sale price and then you check the last column if you have a coupon. This is AWESOME to use if you are going to a store that will price match - you have all the info on one sheet. I use this all the time at one place near us that keeps the ads at each register. They do not require you to bring them in. I just hand this sheet to the cashier and ask them to adjust those items. I will put those items in a group together to make it super easy ;) And last but not least you will get tabs you can tape to your binder to help you flip through it and find different sections easier.

This set is exclusive to MyGrafico

Supplies you will probably need:

• tape, regular and / or double sided tape

• binder that will fit the 8 1/2 x 11 PDF Files

• coupon pocket pages and / or baseball card holder sheets (I think this is what they are called)

• page protectors that will file a full size sheet of paper

• you may need scissors / markers or pen

This set is for personal use only.

Please do not share, resell or distribute any of these files included in this set.

Please see terms / conditions and license & copyright for more info.

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