Shabby Chic Soft Laurentian Floral Papers

by AMBillustrations

16 beautiful digital floral papers

This Shabby Chic Floral papers are in hues of light tealish blues and soft apricotish pinks... The delicate motifs were fun to make. They will be joy to enhance any of your projects! In love with Shabby Chic Papers these 16 different papers are ready to be inserted in any scrapbooking projects that you can use for all your invitations, party printables, and more.This pack is great for creative projects like invitations, scrapbooking, birthday parties, wedding invites, 3d card-making, greeting cards and many more.

These high quality shabby chic papers can also be used for party decorations, greeting cards, invitation cards, cupcake toppers, favour tags, label stickers, scrapbooking, stationary, invitations, gift wrap, ribbons, planners, washi tape, clothing such as t-shirts, baby clothes, buttons, printed fabrics and so much more!

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