Town Buildings Clipart

by Melissa Held Designs

A collection of 30 different, detailed town elements clipart by Melissa Held Designs.  This huge set includes everything you need to create projects for home and school.  Design your own little neighborhood and enhance town newsletters, or create backgrounds for a puppet show!  Buildings include a school, hospital, post office, library, houses,  police station, boutique, firehouse, cafe, and grocery store.   This also includes illustrations of a bicycle, park bench, vespa scooter, school bus, trees, traffic light, stop sign, fire hydrant, street lamp, and fountain.This set includes 31 PNG files on transparent backgrounds.


ambulance, architecture, bench, boutique, mailbox, buildings, bus, cafe, cart, community, doors, elements, emergency, school, fire, flowers, food, fountain, glass, grocery, hospital, hydrant, icons, lamp, library, light,  market, neighborhood, office, park, police, post, restaurant, roof, room, school, shingles, shopping, sign, station, stop, storefront, stores, street, table, town, traffic, transportation, umbrella, umbrellas, window, city, clipart, Melissa Held Designs

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