Valentine Magic Cupcake Wrapper SVG & Printable

by Blackleaf Design

Valentine Magic Cupcake Wrapper SVG & Printable The file contains 3 different cupcake wrappers. Cut them out of colored/ patterned/ foiled paper add dress them up for your celebrations

These chic and adorable little valentine heart patterned cupcake wrappers can be used to dress up your adorable culinary creations.

Formats: Editable SVG files for use with Cricut Die Cutting Machines and 300dpi JPG printable files.

PS: Be sure to use a sharp blade and sticky mat while cutting out the patterns due to the intricacy of the designs.

License Information:

Commercial credit required: You must give credit to designer wherever you display your product.

Crediting should be as same as displayed here: Graphics by Blackleaf Studios at Mygrafico

Commercial no credit needed: You must purchase the extra fee for this use and credit is not needed.

Non-Profit: This is for all personal or non profit use. Credit not required.

Printables may not be sold as digital, commerical use allowed only for final printed products

Please read the Blackleaf Design terms of usage for further information.

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