Vintage Appliance Stamps

by Zenware Designs

Vintage appliance stamps - great for tons of stuff from cards with clever phrases to notepads for to-do lists, get your vintage stamps today!

300dpi transparent PNG files, 300 dpi JPEG files

License Information:
Commercial Credit Required: You must give credit to designer with a clickable link wherever you display your product. Crediting should be as same as displayed here: Graphics by Zenware Designs at
Commercial Use No Credit Needed: Please purchase commercial license to use this item for Profit and resale and you do not need to Credit.
Non-Profit Use: PERSONAL and NON profit use. Credit required.

Please read my terms of use for further information.

Keywords: zenware, vacuum, cleaner, blender, coffee, pot, toaster, toast, hair, dryer, hairdryer, jennifer, ware, digital, stamp

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