Vintage floral photo corners overlays

by Lilmade Design

Vintage floral photo corners overlays set comes with four transparent overlays featuring clusters of vintage flowers, strings of pearls and grunge borders. With these overlays you will be able to add a vintage frame to your photos, cards and digital papers. Simply slide a picture, card or texture paper underneath the overlay layer, and play with blending modes to create fabulous designs. These overlays are great for photography, and any project where you want to add a quick shabby vintage touch.

PNG files only. 300 dpi. Size 12 x 12 inches.
Please note: these are not black and white papers, the black areas you see in preview are transparent. If you use Photoshop and you have basic knowledge of how to use layers, you will be able to recolor these overlays to fit your projects.


  • Place the overlay on top of a solid or textured layer. White overlays will work on dark backgrounds such chalkboard or cardboard texture.
  • Then click on the overlay layer and play with blending modes and opacity to blend the overlay into your background layer. The recommended blending options are "soft light"
  • Once you are happy with the result, merge and flatten the layers.


  • Commercial use (small scale) no credit required.
  • You may use them to create printed and digital designs, customized digital printables, designs for your print on demand store and digital papers you will sell for personal use (your customer has to be the end user).
  • May not be sold "as is", as digital template or digital overlay, the overlays must be integrated and merged into your design and flattened.
  • Please note: the license does NOT cover mass production, if you wish to use these papers for mass prints you can purchase our extra license here

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