World Travel Digital Stamps

by Melissa Held Designs

This is a fun  collection of travel themed digital stamp clipart by Melissa Held Designs. Illustrations include the Roman Colosseum, leaning tower of Pisa, London’s Tower Bridge and double decker bus, Paris' Eiffel Tower and Arch de Triumph, Holland windmill, India's Taj Mahal, Japanese shrine, NYC taxi and Statue of Liberty, Egyptian pyramids, and  Fiji beach and palm tree. This also includes suitcases, camera, and airplane. You can use these cute drawings to create fun projects for home and school.  Make your own bon voyage card, embroidery, and coloring book.  These illustrations can be used to create a great activity book for kids on long trips. This includes 19 PNG files on transparent backgrounds. 

 airplane, arch, par avion, hot air balloon,  cherry blossom, bridge, buildings, bus, cab, camera, city,cloud, colisseum,  double decker bus, Egypt, Eiffel tower, England, famous, Fiji, fleur de lis, France, gate, global, globe, hibiscus, Holland, hot, india, Italy, Japan, leaning tower of Pisa, Statue of Liberty, London, luggage, Taj Mahal, palm tree, Paris, postcard, pyramid, Rome, shinto, suitcase, tags, taxi, tourism, tourist, travel, Arch de Triumph, tropical, tulips, vespa, windmill, world, New York,clipart, scrapbook, Melissa Held Designs, illustrations, camel, desert, labels, clipart, Melissa Held Designs, stamps, outline, black line,  graphic, design, print, vacation, holiday,


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